Operations:  Focus Area



Twin Butte's operations are focused in the Provost medium oil region and the Lloydminster heavy oil region, which contain approximately 90% of the Corporation’s production.

The Provost medium oil region is located along the eastern edge of Alberta between Township 36-43 and Range 1-6 W4M. Twin Butte acquired this region in November 2013 pursuant to the Black Shire Acquisition. The main producing areas in this region are Cadogan and Rosenheim, which target the Cummings and Dina zones at a depth of approximately 600 to 700 metres, resulting in medium gravity oil with a density of approximately 20 ºAPI. Sparky and Lithic channels are also targeted in the Sounding Lake, Rosenheim and Provost areas, with densities of approximately 22-28 ºAPI.

The Lloydminster heavy oil region is centered around the City of Lloydminster on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. This region's production is predominantly heavy oil in the 12º to 16º API and contains heavy horizontal wells (Wildmere), heavy low viscosity vertical wells (Celtic & Ear Lake), and heavy high viscosity vertical wells (Swimming & Frog Lake). Zones targeted include the Colony, Upper McLaren, Sparky, General Petroleum, Rex and Waseca at depths of 500 to 700 metres.

The remaining 10% of the Company's production is gas-weighted and located in West Central Alberta, Pincher Creek, and the Peace River Arch.